What Your Urine is Trying to Tell You

Although not the most pleasant of topics, the color of your urine can tell you a lot about your current health. The color of your urine can come in almost all colors of the rainbow, however, certain colors can be a cause for alarm and could signal an underlying health problem. Use the chart below to discover what the colors in your toilet mean.

what your urine color says about your health (infographic)


This is the ideal color! You are hydrated and healthy.

Dark Yellow

You are dehydrated. You can fix this by drinking water.


This can be liver/bile duct problems, dehydration, or food dye. You should drink some water, if it doesn’t change, give Dr. Symbas a call.

Pale Straw

This is good. You are hydrated and healthy.


This means you should drink water – you are very dehydrated.


This is typically a sign of food dye or an effect of medication but it could be a bacterial infection or disease. Contact Dr. Symbas if it is persistent.

Transparent Yellow

There is not anything to wortty about. This urine color is normal.


This can be liver disease or severe dehydration. You should drink some water, if it doesn’t change, give us a call.


Typically this is a sign of infection, blood, prostate problems or kidney disease unless you recently ate beets, blueberries or rhubarb.


This may be a sign of kidney problems or too much protein. If this is ongoing, give Dr. Symbas a call!

Other Colors:

This could be caused by many things such as dyes, medications, laxatives, or chemotherapy. Contact our office today if you are not sure!

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